Fab 5 Contest: Win Buffy The Vampire Slayer 3

Hey, Slayers! Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Entering the Fab 5 Contest is easy! All you have to do is send an email to mailfornancyholder@gmail.com and name your 5 favorite episodes from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.

The contest is open to Buffy fans worldwide. However, email entries must be received by Monday, February 14, 2011 to be elligible to win. From the elligible entries received, I will pick 5 FABulous winners who will be chosen at random to receive a free copy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3 and a signed nameplate from me.

I will also tally your 5 favorite episodes from the entries received and reveal your favorite Fab 5 Buffy episodes.

37 Responses to “Fab 5 Contest: Win Buffy The Vampire Slayer 3”

  1. Lisa says:

    Lovely Contest!
    Sent you a mail!
    Love your Blog, your Books – you’re one of my favourite authors!

  2. Jen G. says:

    Woo and Hoo!

  3. amy says:

    Once More With Feeling
    The Body
    Prophecy Girl

  4. Danika Ellis says:

    1) Once More With Feeling
    2) Fool for Love
    3) Family
    4) The Body
    5) Entropy

  5. Rhyen Clevenger says:

    1) Once More with Feeling
    2) Restless
    3) Fool for Love
    4) Lie to Me
    5) The Zeppo

  6. Lisa Alexander says:

    5 favorite episodes

    4-Becoming, pt 2
    5-fool for love

  7. Zackary Van Hauwaert says:

    1. the Body
    2. Once More with Feeling
    3. Hush
    4. Restless
    5. Storyteller

  8. Shelley says:

    1. Fool for Love (The fact that Marsters didn’t win an Emmy for this just proves that the Emmy means nothing.)
    2. Band Candy
    3. Once More, With Feeling
    4. Normal Again
    5. Something Blue

  9. Sandy Rainey says:

    Fun contest! I’m enjoying revisiting the episodes.

  10. School Hard

    Once More With Feeling

    Prophecy Girl


    The Prom

  11. Greg Ball says:

    Thanks for the chance Nancy!

  12. Alicia Borman says:

    1. The Zeppo
    2. Dopplegangland
    3. Hush
    4. Life Serial
    5. Help

  13. Richard Tamesis says:

    1. Amends
    2. Welcome to the Hellmouth
    3. Once more with feeling
    4. Hush
    5. Chosen

  14. harsens-rob says:



    Graduation Day

    The Gift

    Once More With Feeling

  15. Lindsay Beros says:

    Once More with Feeling, Halloween, Tabula Rasa, Normal Again, Doppelgangland

  16. Erin Cavin says:

    Oh gees … that’s a tough one. To narrow my faves down to only 5!

  17. Nancy Holder says:

    I feel the same way, Erin!

  18. Erin says:

    Hi All,

    I just wanted to remind you to send your entries via email since it’s easier for us to capture. 🙂


    Erin U,
    The Assistant

  19. Nancy Holder says:

    I’m glad you’re all having so much fun. I think I might have to rewatch all the eps myself!

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  21. Skytteflickan88 says:

    Thanks for doing this!

  22. Minudoe says:

    Thanks for the chance!
    It’s always a pleasure re-watching the episodes.
    Ironically I just finished the second omnibus about a week ago, haha.

  23. Nancy Holder says:

    I hope you enjoyed it! I’m rewatching, too!

  24. Nancy Holder says:

    Please be sure to send your entry to mailfornancyholder@gmail.com. Thanks!

  25. Nancy Holder says:

    Hi! Please send your entry to mailfornancyholder@gmail.com. The entries are being compiled at that email account, not here. Thank you!

  26. Nancy Holder says:

    Entries need to go to mailfornancyholder@gmail.com. We are compiling all the entries there. Many thanks!

  27. Nancy Holder says:

    LOL on Emmy, and please send your list to mailfornancyholder@gmail.com. ONLY entries sent there will be considered for the prizes. Thank you!

  28. Nancy Holder says:

    Please send your list to mailfornancyholder@gmail.com. We’re compiling all the entries over there!

  29. Nancy Holder says:

    Please send you list to mailfornancyholder@gmail.com. We have a special minion of darkness keeping track of all the entries there. Thank you.

  30. Nancy Holder says:

    I have a theory…that you need to email this list to mailfornancyolder@gmail.com. Andrew is compiling all the entries over there. Thank you!

  31. Nancy Holder says:

    PLease email your list to mailfornancyholder@gmail.com. That is the ONLY place that entries will be counted. It’s a hellmouth thing. Thank you!

  32. Nancy Holder says:

    Please send you list to mailfornancyholder@gmail.com. We’ve hired the Initiative to count the entries over there. Thank you!

  33. Matthew Nicholson says:

    I was just wondering when we can hope to hear about the finalists?

  34. Nancy Holder says:

    We are working on that right now!!

  35. Matthew Nicholson says:

    Thanks so much! I cannot wait to hear who the winners were.