Geek Girls are Here to Stay

One of the best cons so far this year was GeekGirlCon.  Girls and boys enjoyed panels on webseries, Science, Math, Technology, Engineering, vampires, and of course, all things Joss Whedon!  I am very happy to say that Geek Girls are thriving!  And DEFINITELY here to stay!

If you haven’t read the new post on about the 2011 GeekGirlCon. You should. It’s a fantastic article and one that every geek will enjoy. Here’s a link to’s post: GeekGirlCon 2011: The Most Important Con This Year.

Next to being on panels with my daughter and some of my favorite writers, the highlight for me was being on the Whedonistas panel. Several contributors to the anthology were there, and we had a fabulous time. Here’s a picture from the panel, borrowed from’s post.  From left: comics maven Maria Huehner, she-who-needs-no-intro Jane Espenson, me, and Teresa Jusino, moderator, writer, and Whedonista extraordinaire!

If you get the opportunity to attend GeekGirlCon 2012, I say, “Go for it!” You’re going to have a wonderful time.  And we’ll see you there!



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