Another Great Tour Stop — and a Moment with King Lear

We’ve got another tour stop for you today on the Unleashed Blog Tour. Come check out Bibliophile Support Group to get the lowdown on Unleashed.

Bibliophile Support Group
“This is a place of longtime roots, grudges, century-old families, forbidden love, and perhaps sinister intentions. Maybe even something… not entirely human. And now Katelyn McBride is in the thick of it. Unleashed is a very entertaining and magnetic novel – and I can tell you right now that I’m glad it’s the first in a series!!!” – Angie

…and because I can’t help myself, here’s another clip from Angie’s review:

“A horror story fusion with supernatural romance = awesome collaboration! Unleashed is the kind of story that envelopes you and whisks you away with it – pure escapism entertainment! Plus, there’s a sweet family element and bits of humor that balance out the overall intensity and secretive nature of the book.”

A Moment with King Lear

The Amazing Ian McKellen as King Lear, photo from The Guardian