Beauty and the Beast:Vendetta is on sale today!

I have short stories in two other books that came out today and I will talk about them tomorrow. Today belongs to my novel, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: VENDETTA, based on the best show on TV! (#FULLSEASONTHREE!) Fans will be able to figure out when on the timeline VENDETTA takes place–I knew what was going to happen to certain folks later on, but could not say, and so I chose to go this route into a “sideways” adventure. I hope that readers will enjoy my story about Vincent, Catherine, Tess, J.T., Gabe, and Cat’s father. Sam Landon makes an appearance, too!

I watched the episodes over and over and CBS sent me the scripts, which I have bound into four enormous binders, two pink and two blue. Season 1 is bound in pink and season 2 is blue. They weigh a TON and I carried them all over California while I was on tour for another project. Like other #Beasties, I am utterly mesmerized by the world of VinCat. I was one of those Superfans who tweeted to the advertisers dying season 2 to get season 3. NOW I want a full season 3!

You can get BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: VENDETTA just about anywhere. I hope you like it and I hope you’ll let other Beasties know about it. And if you’re not a Beastie and are just curious about why I love BATB so much, I’ve included enough backstory so that you can still enjoy the book even if you have watched one second of BATB.
Here’s the cover: and the link for Indiebound, where you can search for indie bookstores. However, BATB:VENDETTA is everywhere and should be easy to find!