Book People are Book People

I had a really wonderful thing happen to me today.  I was with my daughter, heading for a library new to us to do homework and write before we went to work out at the Y.  And she and I found a number of my books in the young adult section (and I was more thrilled that they HAD a special  young adult section!)  At her urging, I asked a librarian if I might sign the copies and before we knew what was happening, we were taken to meet the Youth Services librarian.  She was very happy to meet two published authors (as my daughter and I have sold things together) and wants us to set up a workshop for tweens and teens in the spring, but to come back to do something before then.

We left in high spirits, with my new mantra:  “Book people are book people.”  Whether we are booksellers, writers, librarians, editors, agents, readers, fans, we all love books.