Crusade is Released!

The Cursed Ones are here. Prepare for battle.

My coauthor Debbie Viguie and I are thrilled to announce the publication of Crusade, the first book in our new series, which takes place in a world where the vampires  have grown tired of hiding in the shadows.

Crusade is available in a store near you.

“For thousands of years the Cursed Ones hid in the shadows, fooling mankind into thinking they didn’t exist. Then one day they just…stopped. Skeptics turned into believers one fateful dawn. And no one was ever safe again.”
—From the diary of Jenn Leitner, discovered in the ashes

“Expect Wicked, Twilight, and True Blood fans to gulp down this massive tome and grab for the sequel.” Booklist

Play Cursed Checkers!

For those of you looking to take on the Cursed Ones, I dare you to play a game of Cursed Checkers. Let me tell you, it’s not as easy as you might think to win a battle against the Cursed Ones. Let me know how you do.