Awesome Review & Teen Choice Awards

The review blog Excellent Reads has just posted its new review of UNLEASHED, book 1 of the Wolf Springs Chronicles. It’s always nice to find out that a reviewer likes your book, but comments like this will make my day every time!

“This was the book that made me love werewolves more than vampires! My side has turned.”

If you’d like to read the entire review of UNLEASHED, you can find it HERE. Excellent Reads also says:

“Boy do I want number 2? Yes, I do!”

The good news for Excellent Reads and fans who love UNLEASHED is that the second book, HOT BLOODED, will be out later this year. More details will be coming soon.


In the meantime, you may have also heard that UNLEASHED was nominated for the TEEN CHOICE BOOK OF THE YEAR. You have until February 15th to cast your vote for UNLEASHED.

Click here to access the voting form.

Vote for:  Unleashed by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie — by February 15, 2012!


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