Great reviews of two stories in BEYOND THE PALE

I’m so pleased to share two great reviews of the two stories I have in BEYOND THE PALE, a new anthology from Birch Tree Publishing.

Here’s what “My Bookish Ways” had to say about “The Adventures of Lightning Merrie-mouse Jones”: The Adventures of Lightning Merriemous-Jones” by Nancy and Belle Holder rounds things out, and it’s a delightful tale about a mouse and…well, Dracula. Trust me, it’s adorable, and it had me giggling with delight.

And here’s what “Back to Books” had to say about “Pale Rider”:

7. Pale Rider by Nancy Holder (2012) – Awesome! This is longer than any others yet and could be the story the title of the anthology is based on. This story actually feels very much like the prologue of a novel; it is so in depth, and even though it ends perfectly a whole novel could follow up from the story. Eight years after the end of the world a an African-American girl is found by a German young man and taken to Germany, there she discovers her magical talent and together they search for the answers that caused the great apocalypse. Wonderful fantasy about fairies and goblins. (5/5)