Guest Post and Contest to Win Signed Bookplates!

Have you seen the latest Unleashed blog tour stop at Were Vamps Romance? Debbie and I have a new guest post up about our writing process for Unleashed, which we hope you enjoy. Plus, you’ll also find a new review and a contest to win one of five bookplates that are signed by both me and Debbie.

To enter the contest, visit the review and blog post. However to whet your appetite, here’s a piece of the review:

Were Vamps Romance – 5 Stars
“A great start to a great new series. The pace was fast and the plot had me engulfed in mystery and twists. The characters were well developed with enough left out to leave me wanting find out more. The authors really seemed to tap into the teenage world. Dealing with a death of a parent, moving, new school and friends. The writing style was fabulous. This would be a great book for any young adult who likes the paranormal genre.” – Melissa

Come check out the guest post and be sure to enter the contest!


We also got a great review from Addicted to Novels. Check out the entire review, but in the meantime, here’s a quick snippet the made me smile:

Addicted to Novels – 5 Stars
“I loved every minute of this book, from beginning to end. I was so sad when I finished it, I can’t wait for the 2nd book already! It’s such a page-turner, I constantly wanted more. If you like the Nightshade series, I highly recommend picking up this book 🙂 ” – Jessica