June 4th: Join Nancy Holder Online for the HWA Roundtable

Monday-June 4th! Join me for the first Horror Roundtable, a public discussion about all things writing–a monthly virtual horror panel that will be run on the HWA Blog.

The guests for June 4th’s discussion will include New York Times bestselling author and five-time Bram Stoker Award™ winner Nancy Holder; the founder of JournalStone Publishing, Christopher C. Payne; and Bram Stoker Award™ winner Weston Ochse.

Here’s how the Horror Roundtable will work:

1. The Horror Roundtable discussion kicks off on June 4 at 3:00 pm (Pacific).

2. The discussion will last for one week.

3. The June 4th Roundtable will feature me, Christopher Payne, and Weston Ochse in a discussion on a selected topic. Our profiles will be posted on the Dark Whispers blog prior to each Roundtable, along with the topic of discussion.

4. The Horror Roundtable will begin with the guests discussing the topic.

5. After an hour or so, the Roundtable will be opened for the general public to contribute, and it will remain this way for the duration of the week. During this time, anyone can join in the discussion to ask questions or offer their own views. The guests will also check in from time to time during the week to provide further comments, and will return at the end of the week to make some final comments.

6. At the end of the week, the Roundtable will be closed, but it will remain online so people can go back and read it at their own leisure. No further comments will be allowed.

Be sure to join me on June 4 at 3 pm (Pacific) for what will be a fascinating discussion where we will be there to answer your questions.