Howard Hopkins

My co-author, friend, colleague, and fellow pulp and comic book writer Howard Hopkins has passed away.  We wrote a comic book called THREESOME together, containing an adventure starring the Domino Lady,the  Golden Amazon, and Howard’s creation, the Veil.  We had such a good time, and I guess I thought we would again…and again.

He wrote and edited all kinds of things, from children’s horror, westerns, adult horror, urban fantasy (The CHLOE FILES, brand new), pulp, and comic books including the Spider, the Long Ranger, Doc Savage, the Avenger, and Honey West.  He was kind, funny, generous, and immensely talented.  He wrote a recent blog entry was about his uncle, who passed away at a young age during World War II–Howard’s musing on the unfairness of an early death.

I am writing this in Freepor,t Maine, and it had occurred to me this afternoon that I’ll be in Portland at the airport tomorrow…not far from Howard’s house.  I come to Maine twice a year and I had always thought that one of these times, we’d get together for coffee.   Now we never will.

Miss you already, my friend.