Our Storium kickstarter is nearly fully funded—we’ve only been up for less than a day and we are all sitting around our campire shouting STRETCH GOALS STRETCH GOALS!

Storium is  brand-new concept in storytelling. Storium brings us all back to the campfire to tell stories we all have a part in creating to each other. I am right now beginning the designing of our world of DRACULA for my fellow storytellers to explore. I’ve got tons of beautiful books and stacks of and TV shows featuring the Count and our intrepid vampire hunters, Mina and Jonathan Harker, Quincey Morris, Dr. Jack Seward, and of course, the indomitable Abraham Van Helsing. I can’t wait for you to lead me through the foggy byways of Victorian London,break into creepy Carfax Abbey, and Dr. Seward’s out-of-control lunatic asylum!