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Kymera Press

Mary Shelley Presents Issue #3

Publication Date: January 2017

In celebration of the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein, we decided to use Mary Shelley to introduce the horror stories written by her contemporaries. As she says in our first issue:

“That night I dreamed of The Creature, pieced together from corpses, revived … and unloved. His tragedy has granted me immortality. Other women writers of my time have not been as lucky. Famous once, their ghostly stories now gather dust.”

Adapted by multiple award-winning and NYT bestselling author Nancy Holder (Buffy the Vampire Slayer novels), this third issue features Margaret Strickland’s, The Case of Sir Alister Moeran.

Captain Maurice Kilvert returns from India to find his beloved Ethene is engaged to Sir Alister Moeran, a man everyone assures him is a splendid match. One fateful night, Ethene’s somnolent wanderings lead them all to a terrifying discovery.

First published in the July 1913 issue of the The Novel Magazine magazine. The story was later collected in the anthology Uncanney Tales first published in 1916. The original text of the short story is included in the back of this book, after the comic adaptation.

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