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Mary Shelley Presents: Tales of the Supernatural

Publication Date: July 2020

“That night I dreamed of The Creature, pieced together from corpses, revived … and unloved. His tragedy has granted me immortality. Other women writers of my time have not been as lucky. Famous once, their ghostly stories now gather dust.”— Mary Shelley

Written by New York Times best-selling author Nancy Holder, the Bram Stoker Award-winning Mary Shelley Presents: Tales of the Supernatural adapts the short stories of four women horror writers of the Victorian era, each story beginning with a special introduction by Mary Shelley and her creature. These stories were originally penned by Elizabeth Gaskell, Margaret Strickland, Edith Nesbit, and Amanda Edwards. All of these women were as famous as their male counterparts in their time and should be remembered today. To that end, each book includes the stories in their original prose in the pages following its graphic adaptation. The graphic novel is available in trade paperback and hardback.

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