Mysterious Galaxy Birthday Party! HAPPY BDAY!!

I canNOT believe that it’s been 20 years since Mysterious Galaxy opened their doors here in San Diego. I went to their grand opening back when I was just sixteen. I worked for them and was wondering aloud if Warner was buying any more Highlander books one day, and store owner Maryelizabeth emailed Betsy Mitchell, who was editing them. Betsy called me at the store and I got a contract! (And docked an hour’s pay!)

Loving me as she does, owner Maryelizabeth has chosen to honor me as a Legacy Author along with David Brin, Alan Russell, Vernor Vinge, Todd MacCaffrey, and Taffy Cannon AT THE SAME TIME AS THE CAKE. Yes, you read that correctly! Jeff Mariotte, M’s hubbo and store co-owner, will also be there signing at 11 AM.

The address is San Diego ~7051 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., Suite #302, San Diego, CA 92111 ~ 858-268-4747