Nancy Holder & Debbie Viguie Interviewed by Filmmaker/Writer Alison McMahan

Here is an interview that Debbie and I did recently with Alison McMahan. Filmmaker, writer, playwright – she does it all. Don’t forget to  also check out Alison’s bio because she’s a fascinating person to know.

Here’s a quick peek at the opening of the interview:

Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié, the authors of the tremendously successful WICKED SERIES of books, are doing it again with a new series about vampires taking over the Earth and those who fight them. The first installment in this series is CRUSADE. I was lucky enough to get Nancy and Debbie to discuss their new series with me.

Alison:  What inspired you to write Crusade? And — why Spain?

We were inspired by the struggles of those fighting in World War II. We tend to use settings that one of us has either lived in, visited, or really wants to visit. Nancy loves Spain and wants to go there. That, more than anything else, decided the location. In Wicked we went to France and so we wanted a different European country for this story. Vampire stories are very passionate and the Spanish are known for their passion and fire. Spain actually stayed out of World War II and so we decided to push it to the forefront of this war.

We also wanted to…. [READ THE ENTIRE INTERVIEW]

We hope you enjoy reading this interview as much as we loved doing it.

Special thanks to Alison for chosing such thoughtful questions and making the post look so pretty!