Nancy Holder’s Online Hot Spots

FYI, from The Assistant,

If you’re like me, you would probably love a GPS system/tracker thingie so that you know where Nancy is at any given time. Unfortunately, that’s not nearly as practical as it sounds since she’s usually seated at her computer writing, reviewing, and editing the books we all love to read! However, she is very active in cyber space. While GPS systems are a great way to track people in the physical world, they aren’t too effective  in the cyber world.

Therefore, I am sharing my super secret cyber key with you so that you can track Nancy as easily as I can. Okay, so it’s not really “super secret,” but it is super handy. Here are some of her favorite online hang outs:

She also has 5 Facebook accounts:

Note: Be sure to friend each of the series that you like best because she often holds special giveaways on these pages that you can’t find anywhere else.

By the way, Nancy’s next newsletter is coming out in January and will include some book updates and “newsletter only” contests that you won’t want to miss. So, you  should definitely sign up for the Newsletter now.

That’s all I have for now. Sit tight – cool new info will be coming soon!

The Assistant