New Interview with Nancy Holder at Ruby’s Reads

Ruby’s Reads has just published a new interview with me, and she’s doing a Crusade giveaway. It’s a great little interview, which I hope you all enjoy. Here’s a sneak peak:

How do you go about choosing the names of your characters? Do they just come to you or do you look around for the one that you think suits each person?
In this case, I chose Lindsay because it’s my middle name and I really identify with this character. My mom died when I was nine and I was afraid that would affect me forever. It’s really possible to move on without ceasing to love. I also wanted to make sure I didn’t use a name I’d used before! For ex., I have used the name Devereaux as a last name in my GIFTED series, and then Debbie and I used Deveraux in the WICKED series, and readers email me all the time asking me to draw them a family tree. Busted!

2. Do you have a set number of books you plan to write in the Possessions series?

Read the answer and the rest of the interview here.