Praise for ON FIRE: A Teen Wolf Novel

Thank you so much for the reviews! Here are a few of the first ones that we’ve found so far. Also, thank you to the readers who forwarded some of these links to us.


Lisa Loves Literature – 5 Stars
“…this was one of those stories that didn’t actually happen on the show, something that could have happened during the times we didn’t see. And I liked getting the back story. What the relationship between Derek and Allison’s aunt Kate was before. More information about Jackson. And I even like towards the end when Derek’s memories gave us a little glimpse into the lives of both Scott and Stiles when big events were occurring in their families. I have been more careful about what books I give 5 stars to lately. But since I feel this book captures the essence of the tv show so well, like the Buffy books I read by this author, I had to give this a 5 as well. And I really hope there will be more tie-in novelizations, especially done by her!”

SciFi Chick

“…fans are treated to a riveting backstory of Derek, the brooding werewolf who mentors Scott, but wants vengeance for his family more than anything. Jackson’s mystery is incredibly suspenseful, but unfortunately ended a bit too abruptly without much explanation. I would love to see this series continue in novels and see it either continue this storyline or jump forward to the present storyline. These are fantastic characters; and Holder does a great job of weaving a new mystery and remaining true to the characters.”

Pop Culture Guy
“Teen Wolf is one of my favorite television series and became an instant hit for MTV when it debuted in 2011. I was drawn to the supernatural elements of the series and enjoy the Gothic look of the show, the consistent writing, the excellent use of music and the talented young cast members. The first book based on the series, On Fire: A Teen Wolf Novel (MTV Books), by Nancy Holder, will be released on July 17…Nancy Holder perfectly captures the mood of “Teen Wolf” and has a solid understanding of the many characters, who are all given something substantial to do in On Fire.”

“All in all, I really enjoyed the book. I truly believe that this has a little bit of everything for all of the fans of the show. It was action packed, well written and something fans should be proud of. Nancy must be a fan of the show herself because everything was just really fantastically done. I really hope she writes more Teen Wolf novels. I know I will definitely read them.”

Jenea’s Reads
“I really enjoyed reading this one. I haven’t seen the episodes on T.V., but this certainly peaked my interest. It was full of excitement, and action. I loved all the characters too. I would say to give this a try. I always enjoy reading Nancy Holders books and she certainly didn’t disappoint.”


By the way, the ultra cool Pop Culture Guy is giving away ON FIRE. We’ve excerpted his post and put it here for you. If you’re looking to win a copy of ON FIRE: A TEEN WOLF NOVEL, this is somewhere you should go!

PopCultureGuy, in conjunction with MTV Books and Simon and Schuster, would like to give two lucky readers an opportunity to win the new book On Fire: A Teen Wolf Novel, by Nancy Holder. You can read my thoughts on the book here.

In Beacon Hills, a mountain lion is blamed for a spate of vicious attacks; Scott McCall wishes the cause was that simple. Unfortunately, hiding his werewolf identity, especially from Allison Argent, while fighting his need to shift, is only one problem. Keeping his mysterious, murderous Alpha off his back (literally), avoiding hunters, deciphering strange dreams about flames and impending doom . . . is really eating into lacrosse practice and hang-out time. So when Jackson Whittemore doesn’t show for his date with Lydia, Scott hopes that helping Allison track down their buddy will be simpler. Derek—whose hunger for vengeance blinds him to the dangers that lie in wait—and Stiles are also looking, but the worried teens’ search is leading right to the preserve from Scott’s nightmare. They aren’t the only ones in the woods, and their little trip starts looking less like a rescue mission and more like an elaborate trap—one that will force them to make the choice between killing and being killed…

To enter the giveaway, send an e-mail to, place Teen Wolf in the subject line and include the name of your favorite character from the series. The contest begins July 16, 2012 and runs through July 22, 2012. Two winners will then be drawn at random and notified shortly thereafter and will need to provide a shipping address at that time.

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