Prepare for Battle! The Crusade Has Begun!

“Expect Wicked, Twilight, and True Blood fans to gulp down this massive tome and grab for the sequel.”
— Booklist, 9/15/2010

“For thousands of years the Cursed Ones hid in the shadows, fooling mankind into thinking they didn’t exist.  Then one day they just…stopped.  Skeptics turned into believers one fateful dawn.  And no one was ever safe again.”
— From the diary of Jenn Leitner,discovered in the ashes

The Cursed Ones have made their presence known, and the world will never be the same.

For the past two years, Jenn has lived and trained at Spain’s Sacred Heart Academy Against the Cursed Ones.  She is among the few who have pledged to defend humanity or die trying.  But the vampires are gaining power, and the battle has only just begun.

Forced to return home after death takes a member of her family, Jenn discovers that San Francisco is now a vampire stronghold.  As a lone hunter apart from her team, Jenn is isolated—and at risk.  She craves the company of her fighting partner, Antonio:  his protection, his reassurance, his touch.  But a relationship with Antonio comes with its own dangers, and the more they share of themselves, the more Jenn stands to lose.

Then Jenn is betrayed by one who was once bound to protect her, causing her to doubt all she has held as true.  To survive, Jenn must find the courage to trust herself—and her heart. Click here for more information.