Questions, Answers, and Hellos

I’ve been receiving a few of the same questions lately via email, and I thought it might be helpful to post the answers here for other people who might have the same questions that haven’t yet asked.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me.


This email came in recently:

I bought your Wicked series in complete for my son. He has to do book reports on all books he has read . The problem is he can not get credit if it does not have a lexile # which is the grade level that the book is based on / ages that read them. I went to the lexile framework page and they do not have any of your books at all on their list.

For those of you who need a Lexile number to get reading credit at school for the WICKED series or CRUSADE, you’ll soon be in luck. I just heard back from my publisher that both of these series will be submitted in the Fall 2010 to be reviewed for a Lexile number. Also, the WICKED books will be done individually, which means there will be 5 separate numbers – one for each book even though the first four books have been packaged into two “bind-ups.”

Another recent question regarding the Buffy the Vampire Slayer books that has come up a few times is this:

I have this idea for a new story. If you’re interested in hearing it, I’d love a few moments of your time.

But here’s the thing:  there are no plans from the publisher to do any new Buffy stories.  I asked my editor (begged, more like) but the answer is not right now.  I’m also not allowed to read the ideas of other authors because of possible liability.  However, here’s another idea–why not de-Buffy-ize your idea, and write it yourself?  There are a lot of vampire hunters, demon slayers, etc., in the Urban Fantasy landscape.  Your cool idea might work very well.  Give it a shot!  You could invent the next new thing.

Both of these are great questions. If you have one, don’t hesitate to ask. Also, to all of my new GoodReads friends, “Hello!” What a great site for booklovers. I am loving it.

One last reminder, today is the final day to submit your scary “true life” Halloween story to my All Hail Halloween Contest. Check it out! Good luck to all.