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The Cursed Ones (UK edition of Crusade):
“It’s like the Hunger Games but with vampires. And werewolves. And witches. Seriously, if you like action books where the plot is constantly moving, or paranormal books with suspense and romance, or even end of the world as we know it horror, PICK UP THIS BOOK!” – Zakiya Gora

Booklist – September 15, 2010
“Expect Wicked, Twilight, and True Blood fans to gulp down this massive tome and grab for the sequel.”

Kirkus – August 2009
“A dizzying blend of dystopian teen romance, fangs and fur, the craft, voodoo and assorted religions and political philosophies…page-turning action, hordes of sexy vampires and sullen teens qualify this as an end-of-summer beach read”

Book Rock Goddess
“This book is something special and I can’t wait for the sequel. I know that with these two authors the books they write will always be an enjoyable experience. I have never been disappointed and don’t think I ever will.” – Jessica

Paranormal Point of View
“I thought it was great! Readers of WICKED will love that there are still witches in this universe, and there is a lot of kick-butt action, which I always enjoy. The characters are diverse and interesting. And as Julian so rightly pointed out, this is NOT your typical vampire story.” – Lisa Gail Green

I Just Wanna Sit Here and Read
“I LOVED THIS BOOK…If you like lots of action, sticky situations and tension that will make you want to explode then read this book immediately! Bravo Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié!” – Jessica

On the Nightstand – 5 Stars
“Make no mistake about it: the world of Crusade is one where vampires most definitely aren’t cuddly teddy bears with fangs. They might be out of the coffin and talking of peace, but these are still very much vampires – and with vampires comes death. This is more a return to the era of Buffy, something which is reflected in its diverse cast (with respect to personalities, nationalities and powers) as well as feel.” – Catherine

A Sea of Pages – 5 Stars
“The writing is the perfectly paced and characterized voice of experienced authors who know how to tell a story…Crusade is an amazing book. If you like prissy, sparkling vampires it might not be for you. But if you like a fast-paced story full of action and an incredibly complex plot… You would love it! This is definitely one of my most suggested books of 2010.” – Arya

Bibliophilic Book Blog – 5 Ravens
“I liked this book and I thought the characters were great! … Overall, this had a great new mythology and was a very compelling story!” – Monica

Fantastic Book Review – 5 Stars
“CRUSADE is a great start to an exciting new vampire series. I don’t think I could ever get tired of vampires, especially with CRUSADE since it’s so different from other YA vampire books. Once you start reading this book, you don’t want to put it down. It’s a nonstop rollercoaster ride that you’d want to take over and over again.” – Tina

Butterfly Book Reviews – 5 Stars
“With non-stop action, CRUSADE is sure to make your heart race while you battle alongside the hunters as they take on some truly frightening vampires. I look forward to the next installment in this thrilling series and highly recommend CRUSADE to both adult and teen readers who enjoy scary, action-packed vampire books.” – Kim

Eve’s Fan Garden
“The authors did a fantastic job of creating individual identities for each character and fleshing each one out so they feel real and important to the story.  Eriko, James, Skye, Holgar, Antonio and Jenn  make up what equates to a fierce and dysfunctional family, each with their own back story as to why they came to fight the vampires…Crusade is one of those vampire books that is done well, and I truly enjoyed it.”

Cem’s Book Hideout – 9/10 Rating
“I really loved the second half of the book in particular, but overall I think it’s a great read and I’m really looking forward to the second one.” – Cem

Teens Read – 4.5 Stars
“This book would be a good read for teenagers who like books with action, romance, and mythical creatures. If you enjoyed reading the Twilight series, you will probably enjoy this book too. This is a 4.5-star book, and I would recommend it to teens all over. It leaves you hanging until the very last page. Happy reading!” – Catherine

Mundie Moms – 4.5 Stars
“Crusade’s setting is dark and set in the real world. At times I felt like I was reading a great historical fiction, and other times I felt I was reading an action packed book. Crusade’s writing and characters were engaging, as I wanted to learn more about them. While I wasn’t expecting Crusade to end the way it did, I’m really looking forward to reading the next book in the series. Action packed, dark, twisty, and engaging, I highly recommend picking up Crusade.” – Katie

A Cupcake and a Latte – 4.5 Stars
“Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie brought YA readers an exciting, action packed and very different story involving the paranormal. I am highly anticipating the sequel in the series, Damned.” – Wendy

I Smell Sheep – 4.5 Stars
“These authors paint a world that had me wanting to jump in the pages so I could sign up for my own academy and kick some fanged butt. I was completely consumed by this book; I can’t wait for the sequel to come out!” – Amber

Bibliophile’s Bestiary – 4.5 Stars
“you will be be rewarded with a great world of story and characters that is very unique. Witches, vampires and werewolves along with who knows what else await you in this book! Definitely worth a read if you love the supernatural!”

The Book Vault – 4.25 Stars
“I was hooked and had to see what happened next! I really liked how the focus shifted between the different characters in the book so that not only does the story continue, but you get to learn about each character’s personality, their past, and their thought patterns … Can’t wait to read more in this series!” – Dominique

Teens Read Too – 4 Stars
“CRUSADE is an interesting and well-developed story that challenges readers to
look below the surface to discover what is really important. This is a vampire-licious addition to the paranormal craze for teen readers.” – Theresa L. Stowell

Good Books and Wine – 4 Stars
“I do a little jig every time I read a book where the vampires don’t glitter and have blood lust. Can I get a hell yes for a story that evokes Buffy? I won’t lie, I love a good kick ass story. I enjoy a whole lot of action, especially when that action involves stakes.” – April

“When the team is fighting the vampires, or Cursed Ones, as they call them, this book is at its best. Five strong personalities with completely different backgrounds, the team is a fractious unit always on the verge of falling apart. I loved every minute they were butting heads.” – Yurt

The Vampire Book Club – 3.5 Stars
“The way Holder and Viguié lay out this new world, with each new atrocity, is ghastly in its realism. Each new revelation adds a layer to the world and a nudge in your mind that “that’s totally how it would go down.” – Chelsea

Tales of the Inner Book Fanatic – 3.5 Stars
“I was pleasantly surprised with THE CURSED ONES since both of the authors offered something a little bit different with vampires and vampire hunters. I guess, in a sense, it sort of had this historical edge to the setting . . . when actually it’s set in our own futuristic world.” – Little Dhampir91

Mindful Musings – 3 Stars
“…it’s obvious that these two authors take the time and effort to back up their books with extensive research. I think what Holder and Viguie do best is world-building. The setting and description in Crusade seemed almost tangible, and I had no problem at all imagining the places the characters visited throughout the book.” – Natalie

Musings of a Happy Reader
“If you like vampires old school and is craving for a dark tone in your stories, then Crusade should be on your list.” – Len

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