Reviews: Praise for Possessions


Booklist – Sept 2009
“While coincidences and red herrings abound, Holder’s writing is taut and evocative, allowing a suspension of disbelief that makes this a thrilling read. The cliffhanger ending promises a sequel.”


The Hiding Spot – A-
“Possessions was a quick, creepy read. I thought that Nancy Holder did a great job of building tension and mystery around the evil elements of the plot line. Lindsay’s past mixed with the boarding schools mysterious and deadly history mixed well. I liked not knowing if something sinister was really happening or if Lindsay was imagining everything. I really didn’t know what the truth would be until I finished the book.” – Sarah

YA Book Queen – 4.5 Stars
“If you like supernatural things, then this is your type of book. After reading the end of the first chapter, I was hooked (which is very weird for me, because I usually take a few chapters to get into a book). There are twists after twists, and plenty of spooky, eerie moments (not to mention a hot guy). As events get crazier and crazier, and the popular and eerie girls living in Jessel get even more bizarre, I couldn’t help but become entranced and keep turning the pages.  Also, the ending is the perfect cliffhanger. Ah! I’m so curious now for the next in the series!” – Lea

Vampire Book Club – 4 Stars
The beauty of Possessions is you’re never quite sure if Lindsay is losing her mind or if there really are ghosts taking over. She’s not sure. She wants to think it’s all an elaborate hoax, because Mandy and her group play mean jokes all the time. She sounds crazy telling her roommate she thinks Mandy is evil and is going to try and kill someone. But is she right?” – Chelsea

On The Nightstand – 4 Stars
“In X meets Y fashion, I’d call Possessions something like “Mean Girls meets the paranormal”. It was a quick but definitely creepy read that had me turning pages like crazy towards the end – with an ending that made me go “whoa” and take a second or two before it really sank in. The characters are well-realised, with Lindsay as a great protagonist right in the center. She had an excellent voice, realistic but also chilling in her descriptions. The way she described what happened to one of the girls in the school over time really sent shudders down my spine, so that was very well done indeed. No matter how much you want to find out what happens next, don’t keep reading after midnight.” – Catherine Haines

The Bookaholics – 4 Stars
“If you like reading supernatural stories, Possessions is the perfect book for you!” – Aik

Fantasy Dreamer’s Ramblings – 3.5 Stars
“I loved how the eerie atmosphere was set. While reading you could feel how creepy it was staying at a school, surrounded by old and decrypted buildings, out in the middle of nowhere, in the woods with a seemingly eternal fog. It made you feel total isolation from the rest of the world.” – Donna Locklin

Uniquely Moi Books – 5 Stars
“Nancy Holder has given us one hell of a book! Everything about these books right down to the covers are eerily creepy. As the plot thickens, you’ll find yourself wanting to sleep with the lights on!” –