Reviews: Praise for Unleashed

Wolf Springs is a town full of secrets
and the new girl is about to start believing in werewolves.

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“The authors are clearly having fun, packing in lots of tongue-in-cheek lupine references…[the] conclusion that leaves central mysteries unsolved will have readers howling for the next installment.”

Cheezyfeet Books – 5 feet
“I would most definitely recommend this to all fans of young adult paranormal books, and it has just that little bit of romance to keep things interesting 😉 It was also my 100th book of the year, and I wanted to make it special, and this definitely was a great book to pick! It comes out on Thursday, and I strongly suggest that you should go and buy it!” – Bella

Livin’ Life Through Books -5 Stars
“A seriously great read! I loved the paranormal world that Kat is suddenly thrust into. Very creepy and was immediately hooked in the beginning. I loved the romance triangle between Kat, Trick, and Justin, and couldn’t get enough.” – Felicia

Nightly Reading – 5 Stars
“I love the cover of this book. After reading the book in its entirety, I realized just how appropriate the cover really is with the full moon and the woods in the background.”

365andMe – 5 Stars
” From the get-go, this young adult werewolf story had me hooked…Bottom line, I can’t wait to read book two. This is my first book by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié. I enjoyed it so much, I’d like to try another series while waiting for book two of the Wolf Springs Chronicles to come out.”

Avid Reading in NV – 5 Stars
“I loved this book from page one, haven’t been able to put it down till i just finished it.”

Mundie Moms – 4.5 Stars
“This is a classic paranormal read! It’s dark, thrilling and one I quickly devoured. I’ve read a lot of enjoyable wolf books this year, and this one is definitely at the top of my list. Nancy and Debbie’s enticing blend of mystery, suspense, passion, love and loyalty made for a story that was hard to put down.” – Katie

Urban Fantasy Investigations – 4 Stars
“There was a great cast of supporting characters. I enjoyed the small town set up and the mysteries of the town are still keeping me guessing. I’m excited for book 2!!” – Stacy

Booking It With Hayley G
“This writing team definitely redeems this story with it’s budding love triangle 🙂  I’m TEAM TRICK ALL THE WAY, although Justin is amazing, Trick is the whole package (Hot, fun, chivalrous, and his Southern accent doesn’t hurt!) I definitely felt passion between Kat and both these guys, which one will she choose, I have no fricken idea, but I’m dying to find out!” – Hayley

Paperback Princess
“This writing dual did a fantastic job of introducing us to the Wolf Springs Chronicles. I was surprised by how quickly I sped through this title. It kept and held my interest with its fast pace. Tension built for at least the first 1/2 of the story. I did not know much about Unleashed before I started reading so it was a treat to see everything unfold. Sometimes the best books are those you know nothing about.” – Curlypow

In the Best Worlds
“if you’re a were-lover like me, I think you’ll really like this book. I’ve finished the book and there’s still this cloud of mystery surrounding it. I just get the sense that there are a lot more secrets to come from some of the characters and I’m dying to know what they are.” – Hannah Lorraine

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