Reviews: Praise for VWars


Bibliosaurustex – 4 Stars
“I’ve stated before that I love me some vampires. Especially scary vampires. Jonathan Maberry is also one of my favorite horror authors currently writing, so when I saw this book by Maberry, with contributions by other writers I enjoy, like Nancy Holder and John Everson, I knew it was a must-read. I’m glad to report that my instincts were dead-on. This book is great, and so much fun.” – Audrey

Bites – 4.5 Rating
“Nancy Holder authored ROADKILL about bikers defending the border and then ultimately losing their grip on reality and who is really the enemy.  I liked this one for the ambiance.  The story didn’t hold me so much as its setting.  I could feel the grit and the grime of the desert and it ground out the unreality of the situations into something tangible.  Probably because I’ve been to Arizona and could actually picture it.  Made it all the more real.”