See you at Long Beach Comic & Horror Con!

Long Beach Comic & Horror Con


Here is my schedule at Long Beach Comic & Horror Con


11AM-12 PM Booth 560 California Browncoats Booth Signing for Charity 

1:00 PM Room 102B “Location Location Location”

Horror, dark fantasy, and suspense authors Christopher Rice (The Heavens Rise), David Forsyth (Sovereign Spirit Saga), Nancy Holder (Teen Wolf: On Fire) and Tarama Thorne (The Sorority) discuss evoking a mood through atmosphere and setting.

2:30 Signing with Tamara Thorne Booth 113 


11AM-12 PM California Browncoats Charity Signing Booth 560 

12-1 IDW Signing Booth 207 

1 PM Room 102B The Future of Fiction with John Mulhall and Guests 

Join a panel of Authors as they discuss the future of publishing and examine the different paths available to authors today. Will self-publishing be the future or a passing trend? Will hybrid solutions be the way the way of the future? Come join the discussion;what will the industry look like in five years? Q & A is encouraged.