Settling in

Hello, all,

I hope October is treating you well. I had a wonderful time at San Diego Comic Fest and the Chumash and I are preparing for Conjecture/ConChord. This is one of the best San Diego cons (and we know how to throw cons around here!) Combined with ConChord, which as the very best in fan music, filking, and much, much more, you can’t afford to miss the fun!

I’m on a couple of significant deadlines and just proofed a story for a wonderful new magazine, which I’ll talk about in my next post.

Here is my schedule, which I will also post under appearances:

Panel 1:  Fri 10/18  6:00 PM, 60 minutes.
Title: Reading: Nancy Holder
Participants:                 Nancy Holder

Panel 2:  Fri 10/18  8:00 PM, 60 minutes.
Title: A Degree in Geekdom
Participants:                   Amy Berner
Nancy Holder
Dru Pagliassotti(M)
Sherri Rabinowitz
Martin Young
Precis:    Academic study of popular culture is now widespread. What
makes a genre work suitable for academic study? (Consider
Whoosh, the journal of the International Association of
Xena Studies. Or Slayage, the Online International Journal
of Buffy Studies. Smart Pop Press has been publishing
anthologies of essays on everything from Stargate to Star
Wars, but they’re not alone. Robert Chaires and Bradley
Chilton, authors of Star Trek: Visions of Law and Justice
from Texas A&M University Press, have declared “To say that
Star Trek was just a television show is akin to saying
Shakespeare just wrote plays.” Also, the Popular Culture
Association studies the rhetoric of pop culture.)

**** You are MODERATOR of this panel.  Please see below.
Panel 3:  Sat 10/19 11:00 AM, 60 minutes.
Title: Humor Horror: Funny Fear in Films
Participants:                  Jean Graham
Nancy Holder(M)
Kaddie O’Keefe
Justin Robinson
Kim Smith
Precis:    Once upon a time, horror movies were serious. But the
tropes of horror became unavoidably associated with camp.
Love at First Bite, Young Frankenstein, Transylvania
6-5000…what happened?

Panel 4:  Sat 10/19 12 Noon, 60 minutes.
Title: Looking for Something Fresh in YA Fiction
Participants:                  Sarah Debra
Nancy Holder
Anastasia Hunter
Rachel Swirsky
Precis:    Vampires. Dystopias. Post-apocalyptic dystopias with
vampires. Steampunk dystopias with fairies, mermaids,
angels, and zombies. AGH. Could we please see something
fresh in YA fiction? What tropes and milieus have been
neglected and should be explored?

Panel 5:  Sat 10/19  1:00 PM, 60 minutes.
Title: Meet the New Book, Same as the Old Book
Participants:                Keith Hartman
Nancy Holder
Nathan Long
Dru Pagliassotti
Justin Robinson
Precis:    We want a completely new story from you that is exactly
like your last five books. Why are you grinding your teeth?

Panel 6:  Sat 10/19  3:00 PM, 60 minutes.
Title: Autograph Session: Nancy Holder
Participants:                 Nancy Holder

Panel 7:  Sun 10/20  1:00 PM, 60 minutes.
Title: The Art of Not Explaining: From the Giant Rat of Sumatra to the Three Seashells
Participants:                 Nancy Holder
Donna Keeley
Lynn Maudlin(M)
Larry Niven
Justin Robinson
Precis:    Sometimes not explaining a reference, and letting the
audience imagine it, is far more effective than filling in
all the blanks. ( has plenty to say about
“Noodle Incidents” and “Noodle Implements”.) But as Dr.
John Watson has shown us with that Sumatran rodent, it has
a place in serious stories as well as comedy. What are the
best examples of the technique? How should you approach it
in your writing?