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Sherlock Holmes of Baking Street

co-edited with Margie Deck
Publication Date: November 2021

A Sherlock Holmes Book Like No Other! Sherlock Holmes of Baking Street contains 37 essays, personal reflections, and short stories that use baking as a springboard, and a springboard only—it is not a cookbook. Subjects range from a progressive dinner mystery to the revelation that one of the original Holmes stories is actually a secret code for a recipe that will probably kill you; a very nice traybake of kitchen fire adventures; death by flour; thoughts about dopamine as it relates to milk, cookies, and Sherlock Holmes; and the power of Japanese bean paste to turn Sherlock into a very real boy by way of the movie Mr. Holmes.

The anthology is the brainchild of Margie Deck, a long-time Sherlockian and skilled amateur baker devoted to the Great British Baking Show. The pun of Baking Street and Baker Street was too much for her busy brain to resist during lockdown, when everyone with an oven decided to start baking. She invited New York Times best-selling author, avid Sherlockian and baker Nancy Holder onto the project. Margie and Nancy invited Sherlockians from Italy, India, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, the US, and the UK to contribute. The work also includes an interview with the screenwriter Jeffrey Hatcher and two illustrations by the Australian artist J. Scherpenhuizen.

The book features superstars in the Sherlockian world and seasoned writing stars from other genres.


“There is nothing half-baked or cookie-cutter about this charming confection of culinary-themed Sherlockian fact, fiction and fancy. The editors, with a finger in every pie, have separated the wheat from the chaff for readers, and without over-egging the pudding, this collection proves you can have your Sherlockian cake and read it too! Bon appétit.”—Charles Prepolec, BSI, MBt Editor, Gaslight Gothic: Strange Tales of Sherlock Holmes

“Sherlock Holmes of Baking Street is a smorgasbord of delightful stories, essays, and articles that will satisfy the hunger of its readers. My mouth was watering as I turned the pages and you, too, will find yourselves returning for a second helping.”— Greg D. Ruby, BSI, ASH, The SOB in Charge at the Sherlockians of Baltimore

“The stories, references, and recipes found within these pages are as varied and entertaining as the Adventures they are based on. A must read for anyone with a taste for the flavors of Sherlock Holmes, baking, or both!”— Crystal Noll, ASH 221B Con Director, The Serpentine Muse Co-editor

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