The Crusade Soundtrack for Readers

Recently I was asked if I had a soundtrack for Crusade and what music I listen to when I’m writing.

Debbie and I both love Rhapsody of Fire, an Italian epic metal group.  We’re just crazy about them and have sworn to go to one of their concerts. This is our favorite song of theirs, “The Magic of the Wizard’s Dream,” and this You Tube video blows me away every time.  That is Sir Christopher Lee singing with them.  He sings it with them in Italian, German, and French.  He is sooo awesome and so is Rhapsody of Fire.

My assistant Erin has a few songs for Crusade’s soundtrack, which include (notes from Erin):

  • Viva la Vida by Coldplay – this one makes me think about Antonio, the once evil vampire turned Hunter and how he deals with the disparity between what he is and what he chose to become.
  • Mad World by Adam Lambert – just listen to the pain in Adam’s voice, the fear, the longing for something more…yet there is hope. This to me reflects much of Jenn’s struggle and her desire to heal the world.
  • Standing Outside the Fire by Garth Brooks – whether or not you’re a fan of country music, listen to the words and I think you’ll hear Holgar’s passion coming out in this song. He’s a young man who has seen more than his fair share of horror,  and yet he’s still so passionate about life and the future.
  • Magic Man by Heart – because it reminds me of Skye’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend. That magic man is bad news.
  • What’s Left of the Flag by Flogging Molly – is there any doubt that this song doesn’t just scream Jamie? “In a garb of black we must pay respect to the color we are born to mourn.” Jamie never quite comes to terms with the murder of his family and it’s tearing him up inside. He really is in perpetual mourning.

What I really want to know is “what music do YOU listen to when reading Crusade?” Which songs resonate for you in relation to the novel? What songs should be added to the list? What songs remind you of Crusade’s characters or events? Let’s hear your soundtrack.

Erin is compiling a reader’s soundtrack for Crusade, and I’d like her to include music suggestions from you. So, let us know what songs you think are great to listen to while reading Crusade.

We want to hear from you!