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They Call Me Midnight

co-written with Alan Philipson

IPI Comics is very pleased to announce contracts have been signed for a forthcoming comic-book series and graphic novel, They Call Me Midnight, written by Nancy Holder and Alan Philipson, with art by John K. Snyder III.

This is the story of a vampire-who-is-not-a-vampire, plagued with all the memories—and bloodlust—of his progenitor, Count Dracula, yet he has never tasted blood. For many decades he has found cover and employment as a hit man for the Mafia, first in Sicily and then across the U.S. Rejecting his vile heritage, but accepting the burden of its guilt, he has become a monster all his own.

This complex and intriguing character first appeared in a short story by Philipson in 2022’s stellar anthology Dracula Unfanged, a story that IFWG Publishing Senior Editor / IPI Comics Editor-In-Chief Christopher Sequeira brought to Publisher Gerry Huntman’s attention as a compelling and fresh concept that really deserved further development. Alan Philipson and Nancy Holder were good enough to agree and they brought esteemed artist John K. Snyder III into the mix.

The comic-book series is scheduled for release in North America in the second half of 2024, and further updates will be issued by IPI Comics as progress is made.

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