Welcome to my new website

Welcome to my new website, and the first entry of my new blog.  I’ve been working hard all summer with my web team—Deena and Matthew Warner, and Lori Jenkins, all of Deena Warner Design—and it’s been fascinating observing their creative process as they break down what I hope to include on my website into visuals and content for placement on the site.

While they’ve been working on the website, my coauthor, Debbie Viguié, and I have been conferring with the sales and publicity teams at Simon and Schuster about promoting our new novel, Crusade, which is the first book in our Crusade trilogy.  It will be released on Tuesday, September 7th.  We’ll be touring in California, Florida, and the Midwest.  I have some dates listed on the Appearances page of my website, with more to follow.

Debbie and I also sold a new proposal for another trilogy, called the Wolf Springs Chronicles. We’ll start the first novel as soon as we complete our next Crusade novel.

Also this summer, my daughter, whose nicknames are Chumash Woman and/or Chipmunk, and I adopted a new puppy.  Her name is Tater Tot, and she’s quite possibly the cutest Pembroke Welsh Corgi you have ever seen.  Her “big brother” is Panda, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. He’s still trying to figure out how he became a chew toy. I’ll be posting pictures soon.

I’d also like to introduce Erin Underwood, my terrific newsletter editor and right hand person.  She also helps me stay organized, sends out contest prizes, and does a hundred other things that keep the boat afloat.  She’s an excellent writer in her own right as well.

Here are some things I love:  the operatic metal group, Rhapsody of Fire.  Disneyland and Disney World.  Hammer horror movies.  Sir Christopher Lee.  Richard Dean Anderson in Star Gate SG-1.  Castle. Joss and his many universes.  I love young adult literature, and I love teaching and writing.   I love throwing parties with Chumash Woman.  And I love Halloween and my Corgis.  I totally love being a mom.  And I think the Girl Scouts rock.

My causes:

Bat Conservation International, Inc

California Wolf Center

Best Friends Animal Society

I also love talking about books, writing, and hearing from you.