We’ve Been BookYurt’d!

Debbie Viguie and I did a CRUSADE interview with BookYurt, and it’s now online. The review was great. Some of the questions are bold, some are curious, and some are downright brilliant – but one thing is sure, they were all fun to answer. Debbie and I both had a great time with this review and we hope you enjoy it!

Prepare for battle. CRUSADE is here!

Byrt: With vampires, it’s a crowded field these days – did you find that at all daunting when you sat down to write Crusade? How much were you affected by all that has gone before?

Nancy: It seems to me that the appetite (sorry!) for vampire fiction continues to grow. I think that it’s become a subgenre all its own, and I say hurray! I can’t get enough of it myself. (Maybe that’s what drew me/us to write Crusade in the first place.) At any rate, loving vampires as I do, and having written so much about vampires already (I’ve written tons of material for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel), I loved writing about them just as much. Plus, witches! Debbie and I love writing about magick!

We try to show that it’s not just crosses and stakes that affect vampires, but all symbols of faith. But sunlight is not the vampire’s friend, nor are wooden stakes, fire, and decapitation. Our Cursed Ones need to drink human blood–no living off rats for them!

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