Where in the cyber world is Nancy Holder?

Well, if you’re asking yourself this question, you came to the right place. As Nancy’s assistant, I have the lowdown on all of her locations, and I’m listing them here for easy access. If you’re looking for any other information, let me know.

You can find Nancy haunting these corners of the cyber world. If you see a shadow in the corner, that’s probably her:

She also has 4 FaceBook accounts:

You should definitely sign up for the Newsletter since she’s putting it together now. There will be ghouls and goodies for all!

For those of you in the San Diego are, this is a quick reminder that Nancy will be at Conjecture – today. If you want to get your book signed or hear what she has to say about writing short stories, come check it out.

Special thanks to my lovely boss for letting me hi-jack her blog for the day.

– Erin
The Assistant