Wicked in the Classroom

One of the greatest pleasures associated with being a writer is when you find out that people enjoy your books. One of the greatest honors is when your books make their way into educational settings like…. and English class. One of the easiest ways to Make My Day is to send me a note like this:

[Via Facebook]
Hi Nancy, hope you do remember me. My English class at Harrow school decided to use your book for 10 mins prep reading before the class begins.

All I can say to a comment like that is: Wow! What an unbelievable honor. Thank you!!!!  And in the words of my super cool coauthor Debbie Viguié, words that I wholeheartedly echo: That is soooooo awesome!!!

The day started out a little slow from lack of sleep and barking dogs, and this note from a reader completely made my day–no, made my week! Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know. Debbie and I are absolutely thrilled to learn that the Harrow International School is using WICKED in some way to stimulate reading for teens.

Thank you again for letting us know. An otherwise ordinary day just got pretty darned good. 🙂