Wildlife Wednesday

Elephant Survey!

From a press release from the World Wildlife Fund:

The first-ever synchronized and coordinated aerial survey of Africa’s largest savanna elephant populations is underway in the five countries that make up the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA). Launched in northwest Zimbabwe at the end of August, the survey is undertaken by the five KAZA partner countries—Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe—and with support from WWF and other partners. It involves seven aircraft and will run through October and cover the entire KAZA region—a more than 128-million-acre area about the size of France.

For more of the story, please click on the link. There are 3 species of elephants: African savannah, African forest, and Asian elephants. They are all having a tough time in the wild. Many groups and organizations are dedicated to helping them. Dr. Caitlin E. O’Connell has devoted her life to studying and protecting elephants, and discovered that they listen with their feet!