Announcing the “All Hail Halloween” Contest Winners!

Thank you to everyone who entered. The entries we received were truly a lot of fun to read, but with all contests a winner (or three in this case) must be chosen. The top 3 Halloween true stories are listed below for your enjoyment.

[Note: all 3 authors retain their copyrights. No reproduction without giving them credit and with their permission, please!]

From Somer Partain:
The scariest thing that has ever happened to me at Halloween happened last year. I was walking past a cemetery near a friend on mine’s house. When all of a sudden I had a cold chill and then I couldn’t move! Like not at all I couldn’t move or speak. My friend had to pull me away all the way back to his house before I could do anything. I was so scared. So I stayed with him for the night.
Somer’s story was sent to me via Meggin Boies’s iPod touch, which caused a little confusion. Congratulations on your winning story, Somer.

From Brittany Salay:
There is a supposedly haunted place, called Devil’s Hollow, on a road near my home. Last Halloween, my friends and I thought it would be fun to go there at midnight. We got there, saw a light, and assumed it was just another person with a flashlight. Then, it started moving. All of the sudden the light turned off and we heard something that sounded like a branch dropping. We all screamed and ran back to the car. We haven’t been there since.

From Taylor Langston:
I got out of the car and started walking towards the house. Clouds began rolling in. As I reached the door I grabbed my key and put it in the lock. It began to thunder as I struggled with the doorknob. I walked into the small back room and heard someone on the stairs. When I looked up to see who was there, there was nothing. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something. A black shadow the size of a man stood at the end of the hall to my right. The door behind me slammed shut. My heart was hammering against my chest. I quickly flung the door open and before I left, I shot a quick glance to the corner where now, nothing stood.