Literary Escapism – Special Guest Blog Post “Did the Devil Make Him Do It?”

Nancy is the special guest blogger at Literary Escapism today. Be sure to check out her article on good, evil, and the multitude of gray spaces in between.

Did the Devil Make Him Do It? by Nancy Holder

“Am I thing worth saving? Am I righteous man?”
– Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Amends”

It’s Halloween, when we celebrate the weird and unexplained. Since I write creepy fiction, people ask me all the time if I believe in ghosts. The very thought of phantoms wafting in the night air sets my hair on end. Yet I don’t necessarily think of ghosts as evil. Just inexplicable. Debbie and I like the quirky, the surprising, the unpredictable. Which is why we write in the gray in-between places—the mists, the fogs, dusk, and the shadowy dimness just before sunrise.

We are also fascinated by…………

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