Blitzing the Possessions Series

Have you seen the cool new Spotlight on Nancy Holder? Well, you have to check this out!

  • Monday: About the Author – Learn a few secrets about Nancy Holder and the Possessions Series.
  • Tuesday: About the Book – Nancy talks about what she did each morning when writing the Possessions Series.
  • Wednesday: About the Heroine – Who is Lindsay Cavanaugh? Find out more about your favorite possessed character and read a short excerpt.
  • Thursday: Book Trailer Blitz! – Have you seen the Possessions series trailers? What about Crusade? Come take a look and let us know who the perfect actors would be for each character!
  • Friday: Series Giveaway! – Win the ENTIRE Possessions Series! This is it. Come enter to win.

Listen now to the live PODCAST from Blog Talk Radio, featuring Nancy Holder. This is your chance to learn a secret or two about the author.