Excerpt from an Email with Nancy & Debbie

I know you guys sometimes wonder what it’s like to work with writers like Nancy & Debbie. Well, here’s a little peek into The Life of the Assistant. I was emailing with Nancy and Debbie today about a letter that they are sending out to some people, and I mentioned something about connecting with readers who may never have read a book by my lovely WICKED bosses. In response, Nancy answers:

What, never?
Well, hardly ever!
Never read our books before?

So give three cheers and one cheer more
for the peeps who’ve never read our books before!

LOL! Seriously, this is why I love working with writers, especially Nancy & Debbie. You never know what they might come up with next! So, if you have never read Wicked, Crusade or Unleashed, I think it’s time to start. Or as Nancy said:

We are the writers of so very many books!
And they’re right good volumes, too!
They’re very, very good
And we think it’s understood
We’d like all of you to read them, too!

And that boys & girls is your special behind the scenes peek into what it’s like working with my wonderfully Wicked bosses. Huzzah!