New Reviews for Damned, Crusade, and Passing

Here’s a quick peek at some of the new reviews and praise that the Crusade series has received. Enjoy!

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Love, Hope, and Happy Endings – 5 Stars
“Loved this book! There is such conflict and overwhelming odds against them. Yet they struggle on regardless. It is such a great view into the strength within each of us.”

The Book Heist – 4.5 Stars
“Damned was a wonderful book. It was long enough that for a while, I could keep coming back to it, like an old friend. It was comforting, a sanctuary of sorts”

Supercalifragiliciousreads – 4.5 Stars
“First, I’d like to talk about the cover. Is that a hunkadunk or WHAT? I am officially in love with Antonio. The book is filled with action, and heartbreaking sighs…After an endless path of twist and turns, the book ends on a cliffhanger! This book was definitely not a short read, it was action packed and I cannot wait for the next one!”


Book Rock Goddess
“This book is something special and I can’t wait for the sequel. I know that with these two authors the books they write will always be an enjoyable experience. I have never been disappointed and don’t think I ever will.” – Jessica

“Passing,” a Crusade Short Story

On the Nightstand
“The short story “Passing” was my favourite story from the vampire anthology The Eternal Kiss, so I was delighted to learn that “Passing” was going to be expanded from a little peek into a world to a full series.” – Catherine Haines

A Cupcake and a Latte
“In this short story/prequel to Crusade, you can expect to see the beginnings of the romance between Jen and the gorgeous Antonio and the beginnings of a wonderful world you’d die to be part of. If I hadn’t already read (and absolutely loved) Crusade, then Passing certainly did it’s job at convincing me to pick it up!” – Wendy

Novels on the Run
“As the novella/lead in to their new Crusade series, Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie have given us a fleeting yet very intriguing look at what is to come. The brief glimpse we see of each character is enough to ignite immense curiosity.” – Marissa


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