Reveiws: Praise for Pretty Little Devils


“PRETTY LITTLE DEVILS is told through secret PLD chat room transcripts, a personal blog from the anonymous killer, and standard chapters. The novel is clever, full of personality and deliciously spooky. This wholly enjoyable book will be easy to devour in one sitting because you won’t want to put it down!” – Hannah Gomez


Teen Book Reviews – 5 Stars
This book… WOW i couldn’t sleep for days after reading this…READ THIS NOW!

YA Book Queen – 5 Stars
“I’ll admit it, I thought I had the killer pegged after only 100 pages in, and I wasn’t swaying. Usually I rock at guessing the killers but, needless to say, I was so far off. So bravo, Nancy, you fooled me! This novel kept me on my toes, wondering who would be next, who would be the next suspect. The crank calls were definitely eerie (I know I would flip out if some weirdo was crank calling me like that). Sylvia definitely has the group wrapped around her finger, even sweet little Hazel, who can’t believe she’s one of the PLD’s. With every page, I was sucked in even more, bent on trying to figure out this mystery.” – Lea

Breathing Books – 5 Stars
“Eeriely scary and suprisingly true. This book will leave you sitting on the edge of your seat…Grab a copy of this and find out what actually happens! I think fans of Pretty Little Liars will just love this.” – novellavialli

Kiss the Book
“A suspenseful horror story for horror fans. The characters are likable and memorable. The plot is intense, well-developed, and really creepy. Hard-core horror fans who like realistic fiction and mysteries will enjoy reading this book.” – Kira M

Fly Away Book Reviews – 5 Stars
“I loved all the characters (even though one was really bad) they each had their own personalities and when you kept reading their personalities just kept growing and growing and you found out who they are as a person…I highly recommend everyone to read this, and it was amazing and the writing was awsome as well!!”

Your Average Bookworm – 4 Stars
“The characters were well written. The author describes their feelings clearly, and I felt just as terrified as Hazel!…In the end, I would’ve never guessed the person who really was the murderer. I was actually terrified of the outcome!”