SyFy is Remaking the BBC’s Being Human

From the Assistant’s Desk:

One of the BBC’s best new shows is Being Human. It’s a fantastic take on the supernatural in which a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost develop a fairly unique friendship that reminds them of what it means to be human. Thus, the title!

Cast of the original Being Human series on the BBC.

The writing and the acting are superb, and the season 2 finale is wrenching. I have been left sitting on the edge of my seat since I saw _______ get _____ in that last episode. What an ending!!!! Sorry. No spoilers here.

The BBC version of this show is incredible. However, instead of simply buying the rights to air Being Human on US TV, SyFy is remaking the series with an American cast. I’m not so sure how I feel about this plan. I’m completely invested in the original version of the series, as are many people, and I don’t think that I can easily swing over to SyFy’s Being Human without being reminded of the cast I love.

Cast of SyFy's Being Human

There has always been a trend to remake television shows with a local cast and script. However, given how easy it is to watch TV online, it seems like remaking a show that is currently in production is a bad idea.

What do you think? Can you easily switch from watching the original BBC series to watching the new US series? Do you think you’ll give it a chance? Do you think it’ll work?

– Erin
The Assistant