A Lovely Crusade Review from Eve’s Fan Garden

Crusade has received a great review from Eve’s Fan Garden. This is one of my favorite types of reviews since the reader’s enjoyment truly comes through the text.

“I have a love hate relationship with vampire books.  I really really love a vampire story when it is done well.  I hate when it is not.  Because of this, I tend to be wary of many new books about vampires.  Will it be cheesy?  Will it be watered down and fluffy?  Am I going to want to stake myself to get away from the plot line?  When I got Crusade in the mail, I was not sure what to expect.  My very first thought was “Ugh, not another book that takes place at a private academy…”  BUT, I decided to give it a go and I am quite pleased that I did.  Crusade is one of those vampire books that is done well, and I truly enjoyed it.”

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